Official NYIOOC Olive Oil Tasting Glass


Olive oil tasting needs to follow precise rules, and the use of the right tools. A famous cobalt blue glass is one of them.

An official sensory analysis of olive oil requires a glass crafted to match specific characteristics. The tasting glass standard, set in 1987, prescribes the glass for use in the sensory analysis of edible oils.

Hand made in Italy and emblazoned with the NYIOOC logo. Gently used.

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Why Blue Cobalt?

The blue conceals the oil's color, which is not an indication of olive oil quality and allows for the impartial sensory analysis by the analyst.

Every detail is specified, from its dimensions to the material and design. It has to be made of resistant glass, and it should be dark-colored so that the color of its contents cannot be examined, as this is not a relevant criterion for evaluation.

It should be free from scratches or bubbles and the rim shall be even, smooth and flanged. It has to guarantee the maximum steadiness, to prevent the glass from tilting and the oil from being spilled.


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Hand Blown Glass

The larger base must easily fit the indentations of a heating unit — it is recommended that samples should be examined at 26-30ºC

Diameter:70 ± 1 mm

Lip Diameter:50 ± 1 mm

Height:60 ± 1mm

Weight:150 ± 20 g

Material:Cobalt Glass, Blue


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