Winning the world's most important olive oil competition has its perks, as it should. High-quality extra virgin olive oil is the product of nature and the dedication of skilled producers. 

NYIOOC winners join the elite group of artisans who are celebrated and publicized all year long.

It's all about showing people that olive oil quality matters, and these are the brands that need to be on the top of your list.

The Most Media Coverage

The NYIOOC | World Olive Oil Competition is covered by more international media than any event of its kind, which means more people will know that your winning oil is among the world's best.

Open Doors to New Business

Major olive oil importers, distributors and retailers use the annual NYIOOC results as a virtual buying guide, leading to higher sales and the added value an olive oil of exceptional value deserves in the marketplace.

Quality labels and award stickers are only as good as the event behind them. An award from the world's most prestigious olive oil competition is the definitive indication of quality that people are looking for.

Awards Stickers

to Set Your Brand Apart

The Most Visited Olive Oil Guide in the World

Every NYIOOC winner is featured on - the global guide to the year’s best olive oils. Brands with U.S. distribution can sell directly to retailers and consumers on the Best Olive Oils Marketplace portal

Real Results, Real Benefits, Real Sales

Participating in the NYIOOC is the best investment you can make for your olive oil brand. Just ask the winners themselves.

"Last year's winner sold out"

Rose Malindretos, O&Co.

"The olive oil competition makes such a difference to us."

Amanda Kenney, Domenica Fiore

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